so uh yeah. recently i have been procrastinating by fooling around on MSPaint. Why are you so shiny [strike]and primitive[/strike] and useful, painttt. T____T ;;;

Yeah; what I love most about Paint is that unless I want to write something, everything comes out the same with either a mouse or a tablet *u* EVEN THE LINES/SKETCHES HALLELUJAH. i can't sketch for my life on PS. :/ (but vectors make lines so much easier *u*)

It's a pity I don't have flash on this computer though IT'S SO SIMILAR TO PAINT (wtfffff thy no it isn't. well it is in the limited choice of tools aspect, anyway xD ;; ). ALSO I CAN BE ALL ~ACTIONSCRIPT-Y~ AND ~DRESSUP GAME-Y~ WITH IT (don't say anything about how you can make dressup games on paint too YOU CAN'T ANIMATE THEM OKAY :c AND I DON'T HAVE GIF ANIMATOR WHEE).

God now I'm talking to myself again xD ;;;

................................-goes back to staring at orinbar's hair- *u*
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oh my god i haven't been on here in forever xD ;;;;;;;;;;;;


also my mother + sister were assigned to buy the pie today and somehow came up with maraschino cherries (aka thy's least favorite fruit EWWW THAT TASTE; SORRY SAKURANBO :( i still love regular cherries and yellow cherries? 8D) and fudge (which is i guess okay but not when it's the chocolate kind? YOU KNOW I'VE ALWAYS REFUSED TO EAT ANYTHING CHOCOLATE THAT WASN'T ACTUAL CHOCOLATE GAIZ ;;;;;;;; ). i mean wtf?

i had a slice because i felt bad for them but after that i just stole all the crust mmmm pie crust is good for the souuuul *u* It was so nummy I swear xD ;;;;;;;;;;;

Now there is like a pile of fudge and maraschino cherries (well, one; i made my sister eat the other four because she's the only one in the house willing to eat them SORRY MAN you shouldn't have developed a taste for them early!) and whip cream and bits of sliced almond and maybe one piece of banana sitting in the refrigerator somewhere SORRY GUYS ahaaaaah

the rest of the day was wonderful though 8Db

Divinity TCG! x3

Okay, so Sango is amazing which means that thy has been convinced into joining yet another TCG. I am pleased to be joining Divinity as Gel-kun~! The alias is just so I can keep my TCG stuff organized though i did consider signing up as gouya, because of dear, dear LOVE-kun. ♥

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Hi, everyone~ 8D I'm sorry to whoever I disappeared on last night; was distracted reading a geometry textbook! ♥ Which was, er, entertaining. >> ;; -fails-

Today for some reason I want to put hearts everywhere! ♥♥♥ So there~ xD ;; It reminds me of Sakuranbo, for some reason, nyan. ♥

...or maybe the heart thing is me subconsciously reminding myself to post pictures of LOVE-kun, which is the name I have bestowed upon the gouya we are eating for supper today~ ♥ I have in my mind begun shipping it with LOVE-chan, who as all followers of Otsuka Ai (8DDD) should know, is an adorable rabbit~ ♥ Rabbits and gouya~ 8DDD

...I'm not on anything, I swear! D8

Anyway, my dad discovered I was planning to take pictures of it and so did it himself. >w< He took four, but I only have two because the other two were too bright. xD I blame his desk lamp! ♥ As a result I have two...very high resolution pictures that I need to resize before sticking them in everyone's faces. 8D

...okay, done! -sticks him under cut- >w<

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Uh, yeah, he's big even while resized about five million times smaller. xD ;; I liked the detail of the old one better, actually. ;_;

EDIT: ALSO HEY LJ FAILS. It deleted the non-LOVE-kun-related part. ;___;

...maybe it just likes LOVE-kun. >>

Anyway! I was iconing recently and so I have been using this icon everywhere even where it is completely U/R because dkjlfsdj;lks;d I MADE AN ICON! 8D The Ryouma in it is one of otou-sama's (ikkyuunyuukon) friend cosplayers from AE and I forced him to ask the person if I could icon it. ♥ Thank you, whoever you are~ 8D

...also, wtf LJ's HTML thing turns all my ♥'s to & hearts ;, except, you know, without spaces. >>

Also, I have been alexis-ing like mad. *______* Gosh, he's so much fun~ Someone stop me before I start fanart-ing, though, because djadfsklj;s lkj;THAT'D BE SO HARD. D;

I finally looked up the pins from the TWEWY event, by the way, and my god, FINESSE (er, black saturn. >>)! *___________* I'm so glad I have him - I love his psych. ;~;

must bug eski for RP. >>

also, whenever illi gets back, I am dflkjsdflj;ksdfj;lk ;jlk!!!!-ing at her for not making a 10000-yen one. =|

FURTHER EDIT: oh wow, raw LOVE-kun tastes good. AND HE'S SO BEAUTIFUL. ;_;