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i can hear the wedding bells
ringing, ringing, ringing
January 24th, 2010 
so uh yeah. recently i have been procrastinating by fooling around on MSPaint. Why are you so shiny [strike]and primitive[/strike] and useful, painttt. T____T ;;;

Yeah; what I love most about Paint is that unless I want to write something, everything comes out the same with either a mouse or a tablet *u* EVEN THE LINES/SKETCHES HALLELUJAH. i can't sketch for my life on PS. :/ (but vectors make lines so much easier *u*)

It's a pity I don't have flash on this computer though IT'S SO SIMILAR TO PAINT (wtfffff thy no it isn't. well it is in the limited choice of tools aspect, anyway xD ;; ). ALSO I CAN BE ALL ~ACTIONSCRIPT-Y~ AND ~DRESSUP GAME-Y~ WITH IT (don't say anything about how you can make dressup games on paint too YOU CAN'T ANIMATE THEM OKAY :c AND I DON'T HAVE GIF ANIMATOR WHEE).

God now I'm talking to myself again xD ;;;

................................-goes back to staring at orinbar's hair- *u*
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