roseofthine (roseofthine) wrote,


oh my god i haven't been on here in forever xD ;;;;;;;;;;;;


also my mother + sister were assigned to buy the pie today and somehow came up with maraschino cherries (aka thy's least favorite fruit EWWW THAT TASTE; SORRY SAKURANBO :( i still love regular cherries and yellow cherries? 8D) and fudge (which is i guess okay but not when it's the chocolate kind? YOU KNOW I'VE ALWAYS REFUSED TO EAT ANYTHING CHOCOLATE THAT WASN'T ACTUAL CHOCOLATE GAIZ ;;;;;;;; ). i mean wtf?

i had a slice because i felt bad for them but after that i just stole all the crust mmmm pie crust is good for the souuuul *u* It was so nummy I swear xD ;;;;;;;;;;;

Now there is like a pile of fudge and maraschino cherries (well, one; i made my sister eat the other four because she's the only one in the house willing to eat them SORRY MAN you shouldn't have developed a taste for them early!) and whip cream and bits of sliced almond and maybe one piece of banana sitting in the refrigerator somewhere SORRY GUYS ahaaaaah

the rest of the day was wonderful though 8Db
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